Write a Training Program

The main objective of this subject is for you to develop the knowledge and skills required to design and adhere to a fitness training program that targets your personal fitness goals.

To develop these skills and knowledge we will follow the process below:

  1. Investigate some background concepts required to train effectively for fitness and achieve a class goal (complete The Stampede). – Components of Fitness, Training Principles and Methods of Training (OneNote Activities).
  2. Test individual fitness levels and identify class goals.
  3. Write and implement a class training program.
  4. Compete in The Stampede
  5. Reflect on our training, performance and measure fitness improvements – Complete individual Athlete Profile (Assignment – Part A) and Fitness Profile base on post Stampede results (Excel Fitness Profile).
  6. Write a six-week personal fitness program. (Planning My Program & Assignment Part B)
  7. Write a justification and summary of personal training program (to refine and demonstrate the required knowledge and skills – Assignment Part C – Full Assignment Task Sheet)
  8. Complete short answer exam in exam block (Wednesday 4 December – 9:00am).

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